Our Take On The Baby Einstein Neptune Jumper Going Into 2021

Your baby will dive headfirst into the exciting activities and movements provided by the Baby Einstein Neptune’s Ocean Discovery Jumper. A seat that swivels 360 degrees gives baby access to an array of bright and friendly toys, including a spinning crab, starfish mirror and octopus.

About The Baby Einstein Neptune Jumper

A removable sea turtle activity center features numbers and colors in English, Spanish and French to begin planting the seeds of language development. Bonus link loops let you add or swap out toys to keep the jumper fresh, and the bouncing seat boosts muscle development by encouraging baby to jump, dance and sway.

Baby Einstein Neptune’s Ocean Discovery Jumper Features

  • 360-degree swivel seat
  • Four easily-adjustable height options
  • Removable electronic sea turtle module
  • Incorporates English, French and Spanish numbers and colors
  • Machine-washable seat cover

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Pros and Cons of the Baby Einstein Neptune Jumper

As with any baby jumper, there are going to be advantages and disadvantages when compared to other product options. This option is no exception. We would be remiss if we didn’t cover this baby jumper from all angles. Below are some of the pros and cons that we have discovered with the Baby Einstein Neptune’s Ocean Discovery Jumper.


  • Relatively modest floor footprint
  • Folds for easy transport
  • Introduces baby to three languages (English, French and Spanish)
  • Four height options grow with your baby
  • Easy to clean – toys can be wiped down and removable seat cover is machine-washable


  • Quickly consumes batteries
  • Only offers modest jump range
  • Would benefit from more complex toy

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Alternatives To This Baby Jumper

While this baby jumper is a solid option, it’s always good to have alternatives. This is especially true when you only want the best for the most important thing in your life: your child. As such, below are a few alternative options to the Baby Einstein Neptune Jumper.

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Our Final Verdict

The Baby Einstein Neptune’s Ocean Discovery Jumper appeals to all of baby’s senses and provides mental and physical stimuli that few other jumpers can match. It introduces baby to the sounds and tones of three languages alongside engaging marine-themed toys in an array of colors, sizes and shapes.

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