Baby Jumpers: Advantages and Disadvantages

A baby jumper is a device designed for to aid in the physical and psychological development of your baby. Although its purpose is to enhance your baby’s development, most parents deciding whether or not to buy a baby jumper question if the baby jumper is in the best interest of their child. Some parents think jumpers delay their baby’s growth and alter the way they learn to walk.

However, many parents still believe jumpers are trusted and provide comfort knowing that their baby is safe while they are playing and learning new things. They are said to encourage learning and development for your baby, while also utilizing various fun activities to promote psychological growth. A jumper typically has a metal frame, strap-in seat, and a variety of toys that act as learning tools.

Before purchasing a baby jumper, we recommend you weigh the pros and cons to see if the baby jumper is the best thing for your baby.

Advantages of Baby Jumpers

Pre-walking skill development

Jumpers are often used as equipment to get your baby on the right track to learn how to walk. The entire idea of the jumper is that it will allow your baby to push off and establish a comfortable foundation with the ground while still holding your baby upright. You essentially eliminate the risk of your baby falling because they are strapped in to the jumper, while they learn how to use their feet and legs. Experts say that a baby jumper can be used to develop pre-motor skills. Between the bouncing and jumping your baby will be doing, they will develop their lower body mobility and strength.

Physical development benefits

As mentioned above, many experts believe a baby jumper will help develop their pre-motor skills while also developing proper muscle use in their legs. Your baby will also become accustomed to using their hands and arms for basic tasks by playing with the toy functions attached to the jumper.

Psychological development benefits

By completing the tasks for each toy feature on the jumper, your baby will learn visual and sometimes auditory skills, as most jumpers come with sound capabilities. Your baby will be provided with a variety of activities that help stimulate their learning ability.

Safe place to monitor your baby

Besides providing your baby with a chance at enhanced physical and psychological development, a baby jumper can also provide a safe place to monitor your baby while you are doing something else. Every jumper has a safety rating it must achieve before being released to the general market. Some jumpers attach to door frames and others are free-standing so depending on your personal preference you can decide which type to buy. Either way, the baby jumper is designed to provide you confidence knowing your baby is safe and secure while they are playing.

Disadvantages of Baby Jumpers

Can delay your baby’s walking.

There have been reports that a baby jumper can alter and delay your baby’s walking. Depending on the style jumper you choose, a typical position of the baby in the jumper is with their hips rotated externally and slightly extended. This could alter the baby’s gate whenever they are learning to walk. Also, whenever your baby pushes off with their feet they are more inclined to use their toes rather than the bulk of their foot. This could promote your baby to walk on their toes which could further delay their development.

Not all baby jumpers are created equal.

It is important to remember that not all jumpers are created equal and it is recommended that you purchase a higher quality jumper if you want to get the proper benefits. Typically you would want to purchase a jumper from a well-known brand that has positive reviews from other parents who have actually used the project. If the jumper is made of cheap plastics, we do not recommend you purchase it.

You want a baby jumper that is safe and promotes the proper development of your baby. Make sure you pay attention to the type of material used in your jumper and any added benefits it is said to promote for your baby. Some jumpers offer more than others so it is important to pay attention to the types of features come with yours and what your baby will be learning by using them.

Wrapping Things Up

Deciding whether or not to get a baby jumper for your child is a case-by-case situation. We recommend talking to your baby’s physician to get their opinion on if they believe a baby jumper will benefit your child. The pros of a baby jumper include pre-walking skill development, physical benefits, psychological benefits, and that it can offer a safe place for your baby to play.

On the other hand, some baby jumpers have been known to delay a child’s walking ability. It is also important to remember that not all baby jumpers are created equal so research is necessary when trying to decide which one you should buy.

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