Disney Baby Finding Nemo Sea of Activities Jumper

Do you really find a very unique baby jumper for your baby? If yes then you can stop your searching at Disney Baby Finding Nemo Sea of Activities Jumper because it is very easy to carry and the color is very attractive and gentle. The looks of this baby jumper is very classic and the cost of this baby jumper is not so expensive. Most of the people are demanding this baby jumper because its amazing features it consists. It consists of interactive Squirt themed piano which is a very unique thing available in this baby jumper.


  • It has one starfish shaped loop in which you can keep different type of toys for your baby to play.  
  • This is very special effects that will surely give a feeling of joy to your sweet baby. He will surely don’t feel bored while sitting on this baby jumper as it consists of so many amazing and interesting features which will keep him busy.
  • There are near about 13 different types of activities and games are available in this baby jumper.



  • The maximum weight it can bear is 24.2 pounds.
  • This is a very lightweight baby jumper weighs 17.8 pounds only.
  • It has additional features of dancing lights and ocean sounds.
  • Reliable sitting
  • Extra space to place toys
  • This baby jumper is really very tremendous as it has different and amazing lights, melodies, rattling beads and all your favorite Nemo characters.
  • The size of the seat of this baby jumper is comparatively big from other baby jumpers.
  • The high seat provides good support to your baby. The seat is very flexible as it has ability that it can move 360 degrees at ease without giving any kind of problem to your baby.
  • This product is designed in that manner that a baby can learn some different type of activities with fun.



  • Less features and number of activities
  • Could add more space for placing toys
  • High price


This product is really strong enough to bear your baby weight and the seat is very comfortable. This product holds your baby in a sensible and meaningful manner. Don’t have to think much more, if you really want a perfect baby jumper for your child then this will surely a perfect baby jumper.