Jolly Jumper Exerciser

If you need a no-frills entertainment product for your little one, then look for a basic jumper that allows for them to exercise and play. Babies breathe easy and bounce for moments on end, all within adult supervision. As soon as babies independently hold their heads, then they are ready for fun in a jumper.

Hanging and Adjusting the Jumper

Doorway jumpers require a minimum amount of effort, when securing into place. Make sure to follow and apply all of the manufacturer instructions, for secure and safe fit. Here are a few of the highlighted areas:

  • Surfacing Matters: You must have a flat mounting surface of at least ½” at the top of the molding.
  • Dimensions: Wall thickness should be between 3” to 6.5”
  • Secure the Clamp: Confirm that the clamp is securely in place by clipping the spring section onto the clamp.
    1. If the clamp moves the molding, you must repair it prior to proceeding.
  • Situate the Harness: Make sure the close-fitting harness is correctly adjusted to the little ones. Snug, but breathable, is what you are looking for.
    1. Bring the front flap down to fasten the flaps.
  • Clips: The striped webbing on both sides must come up and attach to the clips that on the sides of the bar.
  • Fasten the Harness: Attach the harness to the spring that is already clamped onto the doorway.
    1. Connect the swivel bar to the spring.
  • Adjustable Height: Height is easily changeable by utilizing the chain links.
    1. Toes should at least reach the ground.

Best Basic Jumper: Jolly Jumper Exerciser

The Jolly Jumper Exerciser is safe and sturdy. It requires no screws or nails. It is easily moveable, lightweight, and supports up to 110 pounds. The Jolly Jumper invented the original doorway jumper, back in the 1940’s. Mile the original baby jumpers are traced back to the 1800’s. Proving this to be an item that has kept generations of babies entertained for quite some time.

Modern day jumpers have evolved and changed to keep up with the current trends. Jolly Jumper constantly maintains their level of excellence and reputable safety protocols. Jolly Jumpers securely fasten to many types of moldings and door frames, allowing it to be versatile and a great space saver. It is ideal for playtime and easily stores away when it is not in use.

Pros of the Jolly Jumper with Door Clamp

  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Breathable and adjustable harness.
  • Easy to store away.

Cons of the Jolly Jumper with Door Clamp

  • Not made to fit all door frames.
  • Exposed links and springs make it easy to have pinch fingers.

As the babies grow, so does the Jolly Jumper. Creating extra links that are removable to accommodate for height and growth. The harness safely provides mobility and freedom for them to bounce around with support to the spine. Ensuring proper posture when engaged in the breathable seat. The harness, and straps, are all machine washable. Making it easy to clean up and care for.