Jolly Jumper with Portable Stand

Similar to the basic jumper created by the same company; the Jolly Jumper with Portable Stand offers related benefits. Promoting healthy exercising with freedom of movement. As a free-standing portable jumper stand it provides comfort while building strength. Balance and coordination are an added benefit with the portable jumper stand.

Around three months of age, or as soon as babies can stand, you can watch with ease as babies move with ease. They can bounce up and down, working on developing rhythm, coordination, improving balance and strengthening muscles. Ideal for homes without doorways, as the frame is portable which allows families the ability to move from one room to another within their homes.

Best Stand Jumper: Jolly Jumper with Portable Stand

The saddle seat provides comfort and protection, all the while supporting the spine of the babies. This ensures that babies are positioned correctly while in an upright position. Spring actions means that the jumper is capable of handling endless bounces providing moments of run and exercising for babies. Designed to support babies of three months of age, or when they are able to hold their heads up independently, on up to the walking stage. Holds babies up to no more than 28 pounds.

By following the instructions, you can comfortably fit the saddle onto babies when in a diapering position. The spreader bar attaches the saddled babies to the hanging spring and chain assembly. Once situated, babies stand and lean more towards their stomachs and takes the pressure off their backs. The saddle was designed to fit like second skin and support the back like that of a surgical back support. Fitting snug, but comfortable.

The portable stand needs an accessible area that is capable to holding the stand that measures 50 inches by 43 inches. The frame stands at 52 inches and weighs about 11 pounds. Store with ease and simplicity as the stand folds flat, to which the it can then slide away and out of sight.

When ordering from the manufacturer, Jolly Jumper gives a two-year warranty to be free of any and all defects. Proudly made in Canada, the warranty begins on the original date of purchase and expires two years after. The warranty does not cover normal wear and use, nor will it cover misusing the product. Contact Jolly Jumper if additional parts are needed. 

Pros of the Jolly Jumper with Portable Stand

  • Simple and quiet to use.
  • A door frame is not required.
  • Basic design offering no over-priced attachments.

Cons of the Jolly Jumper with Portable Stand

  • Stability issues are possible for larger babies, as the stand is lightweight.
  • Assembly is required and can be challenging.
  • Accessibility to a larger space.

Overall, the Jolly Jumper with Portable Stand helps babies by providing strength balance, coordination through safety and comfort. The saddle offers a second skin feel, that promotes natural breathing. Babies have complete freedom of mobility with their heads, arms, legs and shoulders. The stand is mobile and allows for families to move it to any supervised room of their choosing.