Neighborhood Friends Activity Jumper

One of the best baby jumpers for your baby is Neighborhood Friends Activity Jumper. The dimension is actually very appropriate for 4 or 5 months baby. It can easily bear the weight of your child has the maximum weight it bears is 25 pounds. This will allow doing that type of activities that other jumper can’t provide. It has many different and amazing special features which attract the buyers towards it.



  • The seat of this baby jumper has the ability to move 360 degrees
  • Your baby will surely feel very comfortable in this baby jumper as the seat is soft and relaxable.
  • No doubts regarding the quality of the product as this are made up of best quality material.
  • It is very strong and lightweight.
  • It consists of multi-sensory activities.  
  • The baby can swivel, play and jump in any manner.


  • This baby jumper holds your baby very comfortable and gentle manner.
  • There are three play stations in this baby jumper
  • 15 different and interesting activities that your baby can do after seating on this very beautiful and unique baby jumper.
  • It allows your baby to jump and dance.
  • the muscles and bones are getting strengthened
  • Baby will learn how to walk and dance in a proper manner.
  • It has piano that will provide your baby to compose music at so small age.
  • The spinning frog bead chaser enhances hand-eye coordination of your baby and the power of brain also increases.
  • There are extra loops available in this baby jumper in which you can add baby’s toys.


  • Color is not so attractive
  • Could add more features
  • Expensive rate

The one more interesting feature of this baby jumper is that no doorway is required. Your baby can move here and there with full safety and you can concentrate on your office or household work. This baby jumper is quite handy as your baby will have chances to experience music, language introduction. This baby jumper will surely be among the smartest buy in your entire life. Have trust and buy it.