Skip Hop Explore and More Baby Center

Creating a versatile jumper that is safe and effective for babies; the Skip Hop company collaborated with a pediatrician to provide a play center that helps to engage babies. This center takes on the “whole body” experience, for babies from four months up to toddlers. Three stages to convert to that accommodate little ones up to two years of age. Colorful toys and enlightening activities that help to expand babies and toddlers on a mental and physical level.

Most Versatile Jumper: Skip Hop Explore and More Baby Center

The 360-degree rotating seat enables babies to play with everything around them. The rotating seat bounces and is flexible for to make the seat comfortable for the babies. Four attached toys that are removable, make it easy for babies to play while on the go. Easy to clean as a cloth dry only. Once it is all cleaned up, babies are ready for more playtime with the center.

A discovery window peeks the interest of babies, as they can see their feet while pressing on the pedals. Learning cause and effect by stepping on the toy piano, babies view what happens when they press down onto the pedals. Movable toys also include a wobble lamb with rattle beads, swaying stars that move back and forth, a sun bead mover with the spinner, along with a peek-a-boo clouds that squeak and pop up.  All the toys, including the piano, are movable. Making it comfortable for babies to play with.

As the babies grow, so does the play center. It converts from a sit, swivel, bounce and play exploration center to a cruise and interactive center. As soon as babies reach 25 pounds, and are beginning to walk, the center can be converted. The toys can be played with as the little ones are cruising around the exterior of the center. Playing with their toys, while working on their motor skills. Once little ones reach the toddler stage, they can play with their own toys on the play table.

Measuring at 31 x 31 x 18.5 inches and weighing in at fifteen pounds, allows this to easily be moved around the house. The center is free of PVC, Phthalate and BPA. Legs detach, making it simple to transport and store.

Pros of the Skip Hop Explore and More Baby Center

  • Grow with me features allow it to grow with children.
  • Multiple toys and functions that allow children to be entertained.
  • Wide range of developmental opportunities using the discover window.

Cons of the Skip Hop Explore and More Baby Center

  • Possibility of pinching tiny fingers with toy positioning.
  • Sounds do not stay on for very long and require AAA batteries.
  • Difficult to fold for transportation and storage.

The Explore and More Baby Center by Skip Hop is very versatile and easy to grow with the baby stages through the toddler milestones. Clip on toys make it easy to reposition the toys for little ones to easily access. Providing plenty of interactive time and enjoyment for little ones through many of the early stages of life.