Stationary Jumpers vs. Activity Jumpers vs. Doorway Jumpers: What’s the Difference?

Stationary Jumpers vs. Activity Jumpers vs. Doorway Jumpers: What’s the Difference?

After getting a new baby in your family, you always want to make sure the happiness and entertainment of the baby with the best products. As you know, you will need to find some of the best items for the nursery at your home. Baby jumper is one of the best items that you can get to keep your baby entertained when you are busy in your work. You will really love the sound of laughter of your baby due to the entertainment and fun of Jumping on the Baby jumper. As a parent, you will find such entertainment and happiness of your baby adorable.

As you know, your baby always loves to have fun with jumping even before crawl or walk. As the perfect solution, it will be good to make choice for the right baby jumper available in the market. In the market, lots of brands and manufacturers are available with lots of different models of baby jumpers that you can pick for your home nursery. All the baby jumpers are available with different designs and the entertainment features for the babies.

Whenever you make a visit to the market to get the right jumper for your baby, you will not be able to make decisions so easily because of so many different types of products available in the market. It will be good to know about all the types of jumpers before making the decision. If you have complete information for the types including Stationary jumpers vs. activity jumpers vs. doorway jumpers, you will definitely make a better decision for it. If you want the complete information about all these types of jumpers, take a look at the information below:

Stationery jumpers

It is considered as the simplest design of the jumper that you can get for your baby. In the jumper, you will find simple yet very effective design. There will be a frame of metal where the seat will be attached with an elastic cord. These designs are considered as very simple so there will not be any kind of additional activities or ways of entertainment for your baby. These designs are available only for the purpose of Jumping and bouncing for your baby. You do not have to worry about the safety of the baby because of the large frame attached with the seat. Your babies can rotate and can enjoy the bouncing with an elastic cord at the stationary jumpers.

Activity jumpers

If you are searching for the best way of entertainment for your baby, it will be good to go for activity jumper as compared to the stationary jumper. In the design of activities jumper, there will be a frame of metal, elastic cord and seat attached with it. There will be options of lots of toys in these kinds of jumpers so it will provide lots of entertainment and fun to your babies. The main purpose of activity jumpers is to entertain the baby when he gets bored from bouncing.

You may also find lots of different color and theme options when you make choice for activity jumpers for your baby. In these types of baby jumpers, you will find very vibrant and beautiful looking color options that your baby will really love. You can also choose to attach additional toys of your baby’s because of the attachment and clip options with some of the designs of these products. There will be a smaller size of the frame as compared to the stationary jumper so it will not be that sturdy design for the baby. Make sure to check out the best designs with the high-quality frame, elastic cord and highly durable design.

Doorway jumpers

If you are looking for a simple to use jumper without any kind of frame, you can make choice for the doorway jumper as a good option. In these kinds of designs, you will not find any frame and you will get the option to attach the cable of the jumper with your door with the help of clamp. The seat will be attached with this elastic cable that you will attach to the frame of your door. If you do not have a space to place the large frame of stationary jumpers at your home, it can be a good alternative because you can use the door of your home as a frame for this kind of jumper.

These are three different kinds of jumpers that you can get when you want to make choice from Stationary jumpers vs. activity jumpers vs. doorway jumpers. It is always important to consider your needs and requirements when you are looking to go for any of these products for the entertainment and better growth of your baby.

Guide to make choice for the right baby jumper

In all these three kinds of designs of baby jumpers, you will find lots of models with different brands in the market. In this kind of situation, you will not be able to make choice for the best baby jumper so easily. There are lots of factors that you should keep in mind when you are going to pick the best design of jumper for your baby.

First of all, it will be good to know about the weight limit of the selected model. There will be different weight limits so you should pick it according to the body weight of your baby at the certain age. If you are not considering this factor, your baby can get injured due to the breakage of baby jumper due to extra body weight.

You should also consider with the comfort level on the seat for your baby. It should be easy to remove and wash and it should have options of height adjustment. Make sure to know about the durability, adjustability and storage specifications of the baby jumper before getting it. After that, you can know about additional features for the toys and other entertainment tools in the baby jumper for your baby.

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