Summer Infant Pop N Jump

For families on the go, the Summer Infant Pop N Jump Portable Activity Center is ideal. Perfect for ages six months to 12 months, the travel jumper can be used indoor and outside. While outside, the travel jumper comes with an UV canopy. The canopy protects babies from the sun’s harmful rays. Allowing families to rest at ease, knowing that their babies are entertained and protected.

Best Travel Jumper: Summer Infant Pop N Jump

This easily compacts and folds up with its own carrying bag. The folding frame is lightweight and comes already assembled. As a portable on the go product (POP), the jumper can quickly be assembled within seconds. To make the jumper even more versatile, it comes with three levels of height adjustments. Making it perfect to position on the carpet or in the sand. As babies grow in height, the travel jumper grows with them.

The unique features and colorful toys keep babies entertained and active for moments on end. A rattle, teether, spinner ball and mirror book are all included with the travel jumper. Babies have the ability to bounce and jump, working on strengthening their leg muscles. The soft fabric on the ground allows for the toes and feet to feel comfortable while in use. Interactive and unique toys engage babies and delight them during their playtimes.

The soft play area allows babies to rest and play comfortably. As babies are still working on holding themselves up, the play center provides reassurance incase they stumble. Babies are protected as they bounce and play.

The portable activity center does not take up a lot of room within the area. Measuring in at 26 x 26 x 38 inches, and weighing about thirteen pounds, make it simple to pack up and transport. With a shoulder strap, it makes it convenient to toss on your shoulder and go. Easy to transport within any size vehicle by packing it up and putting it inside of a compact car or a minivan. Or, simply moving the activity center from being indoors to outdoors.

Pros of the Summer Infant Pop N Jump

  • Travel bag is included for storage and transportation.
  • Assembly and disassembly makes it easy to pack and go.
  • Able to be used outdoors and protects babies with the UV canopy.

Cons of the Summer Infant Pop N Jump

  • Only three height adjustments for seat positioning.
  • Material may easily rip, on the center and the travel bag.
  • Limited time to use it, as it does not grow with babies.
  • Seat only offers three height options

When shopping around for the prefect portable activity center, this is ideal for families who have little ones around six months old. This way, babies and families can enjoy the it for a longer amount of time. Simple to use, and easily adjustable for three height positions. Effortless and convenient to use both outside and indoors. Quick and easy set-up, as set-up and take-down can happen within seconds. The travel bag makes it uncomplicated to store, as it easily packs up for traveling.