Sophie Sanchez Best Baby Jumper
Little ol’ me.

Hello! My name is Sophie Sanchez, and I’m the head writer for Best Baby Jumper.

I am the mother of three little ones, residing in sunny Northeast Florida, and have been a freelance writer for over a decade, working on a wide variety of websites in the home-based niche.

I’ve got a four-year degree in English Literature from an Ivy League college, and extensive experience ghost writing for some of the largest blogs and websites online.

Why Me? My Reasoning and Obsession With Baby Jumpers

Motherhood is more than just my duty, it is my passion. And baby jumpers are one of my most researched topic. Why is this, you may ask? My youngest daughter, Marta, is permanently disabled as a result of a faulty baby jumper incident. I never expected to be a mother to a disabled child, especially not one who was injured as a result of a horrible accident that was preventable.

Marta Sanchez Best Baby Jumper
My darling Marta.

As a result, I have dedicated a good bit of my time to becoming a subject matter expert in baby jumper (and overall baby product) safety and protocols. When I approached John Bourscheid, the founder of Zesumme in Jacksonville, Florida, with my story, he immediately recommended we develop a website. This site was to assist others with ensuring their get all the information necessary to make a safe, correct decision without the deep dive research and due diligence that would be needed otherwise.